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Understanding companies’ needs, ensuring regulatory compliance and qualified assistance to Producers, guaranteeing efficient and optimised end-of-life management of products, contributing to the implementation of projects for the circular economy, these are the Services for Producers.

This is what Erion Textiles can do for its Members.
To do this, the Compliance Scheme focuses on the following key points:

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Regulatory compliance

Regulatory and operational support

Administrative services

Customised service design

International assistance

Green communication projects

Research projects

Collection, reuse and recycling initiatives

Reporting and traceability

Regular webinars

Concrete support

  • Before the entry into force of the Italian legislation, the Producer will be supported in preparing for future regulatory requirements. Through a customised analysis, the company will receive a full check-up in view of the periodic product declaration, thus obtaining all the necessary tools to adapt its IT systems in advance and, with our support, train employees on future obligations. The company will also benefit from accurate and timely update communications and regular webinars dedicated to Members.

  • After the entry into force of the Italian legislation, the Producer will be supported in all declarative activities and assisted in all bureaucratic and administrative start-up and periodic maintenance procedures provided for by the national legislation, including obligations relating to correct consumer information on product disposal options, labelling compliance and others.


Erion’s ‘Producers Services’ division with more than 10 experts in the field will support all Members in achieving full compliance with the future Decree.

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Find out how to become a member of the most important Italian Extended Producer Responsibility system for the management of WEEE, Batteries, Packaging, Tobacco and Textile Products. A single service for every need.