Textile Regulatory Compliance

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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in the textile sector.

Where are we at?

1 January 2022

Italy publishes the Legislative Decree, 116/2020, establishing the separate collection obligation for textile waste.

30 March 2022

The European Union adopts the ‘Sustainable Textiles Strategy’, turning the spotlight on a sector which, in the EU, accounts for the fourth highest negative impact on the environment and on climate change, and third highest for land and water use from a global life cycle perspective.

This Strategy is aimed at facilitating the transition to a circular economy in which products are designed to be more durable, reusable, repairable and recyclable, including through proper separate collection of urban textile waste.

February 2023

The Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (MASE) develops a first draft of the Decree establishing the EPR system for home textiles, clothing and footwear, which has already been submitted for stakeholders’ consultation.

5 July 2023

The European Commission submits a proposal to revise the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC with an emphasis on textile and food waste, with the aim of guiding the actions of individual Member States towards harmonised management for these types of waste.

Textile legislation

On both the European and national fronts, the legislator is therefore working to define a precise and timely regulatory framework on EPR in the textile sector aimed at:

  • ensuring correct eco-design criteria (in terms of durability, reusability, reparability, recyclability and recycled fibre content);
  • discouraging the destruction of unsold or returned garments;
  • introducing information obligations;
  • promoting the reuse and recycling of textile waste;
  • supporting research and investment in industrial innovation, including in the field of textile product recycling.

Erion Textiles continues to assist Producers by representing a constantly updated point of reference available to companies not only on issues of regulatory evolution, but also for authoritatively expressing Producers’ positions to the Ministry and the European legislator for the purpose of defining the contents of the new Textile Decree.

We will also continue to work for the harmonisation of national requirements among all existing and future European Collective Systems.

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