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We are living in a challenging moment for our country, which is in full transition towards the circular economic model, an evolution that we cannot underestimate and that opens the door to new opportunities and services, especially in the textile segment, which represents a strategic sector of national production in several respects and where the growing awareness of consumers in terms of social and environmental sustainability is already a reality. Companies that decide to include a concrete and transparent commitment to circularity in their strategies, also through our support, will benefit from significant advantages.

These opportunities, in fact, directly involve us and are increasingly reflected in the commitments of our Producers who find in Erion Textiles a qualified partner able to provide services, expertise and assistance not only on regulatory compliance issues, but also in the design and implementation of services for waste management and the circular economy. From taking care of the entire product life cycle to assessing the environmental impacts associated with the various stages of the textile process, from eco-design to traceability in the production and sourcing chains.

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Thanks to excellent services, a strong orientation towards eco-innovation and a consolidated network in Italy and Europe, Erion Textiles is the strategic ally not only in order to be compliant and avoid reputational damage resulting from failure to comply with the legislation or risk of greenwashing, but also to be the speaker – as a company – for a real transition towards the circular economy, strengthening and enhancing the social and environmental commitment of the own business.

The commitment of Erion Textiles and its Producers to sustainability

To the Producers for Producers

Strong and efficient EPR Compliance Scheme founded by Producers for Producers.

Respect for the environment

Quality, transparency and respect for the environment as a top priority.

Circular Economy

Continuous innovation for an effective contribution to the Circular Economy.

Citizens and Consumers

Awareness raising, information and communication towards citizens and consumers.


For Producers

Your Compliance Scheme beyond regulatory compliance.

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Find out how to become a member of the most important Italian Extended Producer Responsibility system for the management of WEEE, Batteries, Packaging, Tobacco and Textile Products. A single service for every need.