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Erion is the leading Italian Extended Producer Responsibility Organisation.

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To contribute

To contribute strategically to the Compliance Scheme’s decision-making processes, guided by the solidity and more than ten years’ experience of the Erion multiple Compliance Schemes system.

To promote

To promote an open and constructive dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, from national to European and international institutions.

To define

To define an operational and eco-contribution model capable of optimising management costs while guaranteeing maximum efficiency and environmental protection.

To affirm

To firmly affirm your orientation towards sustainability and, as a consequence of a real, concrete and sincere commitment, increase brand awareness.

Erion is the ideal partner as it responds to the needs of Producers.

It ensures expertise and assistance that go beyond the area of regulatory compliance and is capable of meeting all Producers’ requirements in terms of waste management and circular economy.

A single contact point

Erion is the single partner who, through six Collective Schemes specialised in the management of homogeneous streams of end-of-life products (Household WEEE, Professional WEEE, Batteries and Accumulators, Packaging, Tobacco Products, Textiles), responds to specific chain’s needs and, at the same time, provides a coordinated and strategic management of the service, common to the six sector Collective Schemes.

Integrated management

This means having a single contact point who responds in a specialised support capacity, a dedicated contact centre and integrated management; all plusses that allow the Producer to rely on Erion for every need.

Joining Erion Textiles means being part of an Extended Producer Responsibility Organisation based on strong and unique values.


Collective Compliance Schemes consisting of only Producers (with the exception of the innovative packaging system);
all Erion Collective Schemes are a direct expression of the Producers and are exclusively owned by them and operate for their interest.


Quality of the treatment and respect for the environment;
these are the priorities of Erion that ensures its Members an excellent service in terms of quality and efficiency of the entire waste management process.


Transparent and equal management fees for all associates;
those who choose Erion know they can count on a policy of total transparency where the management fees are known and the same for everyone.


Commitment to continuous innovation to make an effective contribution to the Circular Economy;
Erion focuses on innovation to make an effective contribution to the circular economy, collaborating with international partners for developing European sustainability projects.


Commitment to raising awareness, information, communication for consumers;
Erion contributes, as a non-profit organization, to the spreading of a circular culture through information and awareness-raising initiatives and projects aimed at the community.


Full and transparent reporting of economic and operating results;
Producers and stakeholders have full access to information: from the economic and operating results up to the environmental performance, timely reported every year in its Sustainability Report.


Participation and commitment at international level;
Erion is a member of the major international industry associations and collaborates with research institutions, industrial and academic partners to develop European circular economy projects.

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