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Erion Textiles is the Compliance Scheme of Producers of clothing, accessories, leather goods, home textiles and footwear.

Erion Textiles is the Compliance Scheme of Producers of clothing, accessories, leather goods, home textiles and footwear.
Erion Textiles, is the non-profit Compliance Scheme of the Erion System, the leading Italian Extended Producer Responsibility Organisation, dedicated to the management of Textile Product Waste.

Made up of Producers for Producers.

Erion Textiles is the reliable and safe choice for all companies wishing to participate in a collective system capable of transparently guiding them along the new path of Extended Producer Responsibility outlined at EU and national level for the Textile sector.
Thanks to its excellent services, its strong orientation towards eco-innovation and a consolidated network in Italy and Europe, Erion Textiles is the strategic ally not only in order to be compliant with the legislation and avoid reputational damage resulting from failure to comply with the governing rules, but also to become the speaker – as a company – for a real transition towards the circular economy, by strengthening, enhancing and communicating the social and environmental commitment of the own business in a correct way.

True sustainability. Not just fashionable, but a new way of setting trends. As protagonists.

Erion Textiles vision

As an Extended Producer Responsibility Organisation for the textile sector, Erion Textiles intends to create a system of excellence capable of providing:



Offering efficient and quality operational management.



Ensuring the traceability of the entire chain, for transparent management and guaranteeing legality.



Support its Producers with qualified expertise in eco-design, green communication and marketing and in the development of selective collection, reuse and recycling projects.


We will go far together

Erion Textiles is part of Erion, a non-profit multiple Compliance Schemes System for the management of different types of waste: from textiles to electronic products and batteries and accumulators, from packaging to tobacco products, with a solid heritage in terms of authoritativeness, efficiency and quality.

Innovation and a look to the future

The Erion System represents an innovative organisation, capable of responding to Producers’ needs, seizing market opportunities, and guaranteeing transparency and traceability. Erion makes it possible to interconnect the different actors in the chain, from designers to recyclers, and guarantees high quality standards of operational efficiency in full compliance with environmental legislation, creating value for the benefit of stakeholders, society and the environment.The Compliance Scheme of Producers for accompanying Textile Producers towards sustainable and circular fashion.


Six Compliance Schemes
One System

To guarantee our Members a unique and excellent service for the management of different types of waste: Textile Waste, Household and Professional WEEE, Waste Batteries and Accumulators, Packaging Waste, and Tobacco Product Waste.


The Textile Producers’ Compliance Scheme created to accompany Producers toward sustainable and circular fashion.


The leading Collective Scheme in Italy in the management of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment.


For Producers who place Professional Electrical and Electronic Equipment on the market.


Ensures Producers associated to the Collective Scheme the regulatory compliance relating to Waste Batteries.


Comprehensive service for compliance with the requirements of national packaging regulations.


The first national Collective Scheme dedicated to prevent the littering of tobacco products waste.


Thanks to its governance entrusted directly and exclusively to the Producers, Erion Textiles guarantees and ensures – in the interest and on behalf of its Members – utmost transparency in building a circular, efficient textile chain that promotes sustainable consumption styles.

Textiles at a glance

In Europe:

    • 5 million tonnes of textile waste are disposed of each year – equal to about 12 kg per inhabitant;
    • Only 22% of the textile waste generated in Europe is collected separately and sent for reuse or recycling.

In Italy:


tonnes of post-consumer textile waste have been collected separately in 2021 – Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) data.


Erion Textiles.
Italian excellence, international vision.

The Compliance Scheme aims at establishing an efficient and effective model of Extended Producer Responsibility in the textile sector. Thanks to its non-profit nature, to its being part of a leading Italian system and of an extensive network of international relations, Erion Textiles significantly contributes to the implementation of the European Strategy for sustainable and circular textiles together with a variety of actors: institutions, research bodies, environmental associations, consumer organisations, promoting a fruitful dialogue on the most relevant issues for the entire chain.

Erion is part of a network of more than 100 European universities and research centres with which it collaborates in innovative circular economy projects. This is why Erion is a member of Textiles ETP (European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing), the largest networking platform for research and innovation in the textile sector.

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Find out how to become a member of the most important Italian Extended Producer Responsibility system for the management of WEEE, Batteries, Packaging, Tobacco and Textile Products. A single service for every need.